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1.0T Excavator

Discount Available: 11-8-22 to 17-8-22

Brick Saw

The brick saw is an efficient universal masonry saw with high cutting capacity for all kinds of bricks and pavers. Perfect for those landscaping jobs where you need to cut angles and different lengths for features. The machine is easy to handle due to it having wheels making it very easy to manoeuvre.

Pressure Washer

Discount Available: 18-8-22 to 24-8-22

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washers are ideal for cleaning cars, decks, pavers & many other outdoor areas and can save up to 80% water vs. a garden hose. They can be used for any and every kind of cleaning, from removing graffiti to cleaning boats. Pictured is our hot water model but we have cold water models in both petrol and 240V.

Floor Sander
Floor Edger

Discount Available: 25-8-22 to 31-8-22

Floor Sander & Edger

Grab our combo pack special and get the floors squared away. The Floor Sander will sand hard and soft wood floors, composition floors and any solid wood surface that requires rapid sanding and levelling to a fine finish. The Floor Sanding Edger is used in conjunction with the Floor Sander to sand against skirting and walls. A variety of papers ensure suitability for all jobs.

Weekly Special Offer Booking Enquiry

Weekly Special Offer Booking Enquiry