Pipe Laser

  • Grade Range: -15% to 40%
  • Line Range +/- 15%
  • Auto Line Centering 

Pipe lasers are used when new pipes are being installed so that you get the correct gradient.


Minimise your time in the trench with this fast, accurate and reliable machine. It uses the world's most accurate survey encoder which means super accurate grade - no errors means no rework. This is one tough laser, housed in a rugged cast iron aluminium waterproof housing, it also has a large illuminated LCD display and runs on batteries.


  • Auto Grade Zeroing
  • Grade Range: -15% to 40%
  • Line Range +/- 15%
  • Horizontal Accuracy +/- 10"
  • Battery Life is 48 to 70 hours
  • Remote Control - operating range 200m
  • Designed for ease of laying pipes precisely to the gradient you require.

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